Digital Wales sets an ambitious agenda to make Wales a smarter, better-connected society and economy, and for all Welsh people to enjoy the benefits of digital technologies. Central to this agenda is a drive to ensure that all homes and businesses in Wales have access to next-generation services by 2015.

Using a powerful, flexible infrastructure, FibreSpeed and its partners are helping to deliver these technologies and meet the key objectives of Digital Wales: to create more inclusive and prosperous societies, to boost ICT skills, drive economic growth and enhance public services. Our partners are working hard to eliminate ‘not spots’ and ensure fair and equal access to high-speed services. Even in rural Wales, communities that until recently had limited or no access to the Internet are right now being served wirelessly by our partners.

Through FibreSpeed and its partners, homes and businesses in the North Wales region are already taking advantage of the next-generation digital technologies outlined in the agenda. Click here to read the Welsh Government’s outline framework for Delivering a Digital Wales.


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Digital Wales

Digital Wales