A food and environmental testing company has discovered the solution to its internet woes – a connection to the FibreSpeed network through Carrier Wales.

Analysis specialists ALcontrol Laboratories had been left frustrated by slow speeds and poor connectivity at the company’s Conwy and Shrewsbury laboratories.

Both sites are located a significant distance from the nearest phone exchange, which left analysts with an unreliable connection through traditional broadband services.

Efforts to find a reliable and cost-effective alternative also proved unsuccessful, until ALcontrol discovered one of the largest FibreSpeed service partners, Carrier Wales, who went the extra mile to investigate a cost-effective solution.

IT services manager Janet Corkin said: “We were struggling with the ADSL line that was on site which was very slow, very unreliable and created quite a poor user experience for our staff.

Essentially, the analysts would struggle to maintain an internet connection at busy times of the day, preventing access to valuable research tools on the web.

“We had shopped around and been told there were all sorts of problems with where we are located that couldn’t be overcome, but Carrier Wales just said “leave it with us” and found a solution.

“Since connecting to FibreSpeed, we’ve not had any downtime or disconnections  – it really is a dream for any IT services manager!

“The service we received was absolutely fantastic. It’s been a pleasure to deal with Carrier Wales, they’ve made every effort to overcome the obstacles we have on site.”

ALcontrol is the latest company to join the FibreSpeed network, a state-of-the-art asset of the Welsh nation that has delivered business grade telecoms services to more than 185 businesses in north Wales.

Carrier Wales Director John Prescott said he was pleased to come up with the perfect solution, which even included supplying a temporary WiFi connection while the fibre service was installed.

He said: “The feedback from ALcontrol Laboratories has been fantastic. We’re delighted that our connection has improved their ability to work efficiently, and as a service provider we are able to offer maximum flexibility, enabling us to design, build and manage an organisation’s connectivity requirements from the ground up.

“This allowed us to go the extra mile for ALcontrol and provide a short-term wireless solution whilst waiting for the direct fibre to be connected.”

FibreSpeed sales manager David Ferguson said: “We’re proud to hear that the FibreSpeed network has helped ALcontrol overcome their connectivity issues.

“Their example shows how our fibre optic network is benefitting companies on the business parks throughout North Wales.”