Anchor Computer Systems creates, manages and maintains software management systems for finance sector industries, especially those dealing with instalment credit finance such as loans, and vehicle fleet management businesses.

The product is offered in two ways – as an application delivered and installed on the customers’ machines, or as a hosted service. Here, Anchor hosts the application on its own computers and the customer accesses and uses it via the internet. All the customer needs is a computer and an internet connection.

It makes better business sense for Anchor, and indeed for many of its customers, to use the hosting option. But hosting applications for hundreds of customers and thousands of individual users requires a powerful and reliable internet connection.

The Solution

Anchor Computer Systems is located on Parc Menai, one of the many North Wales business parks with direct connection to the FIBRESPEED fibre optic network. Anchor was well aware of what FIBRESPEED could offer, and with the help of Carrier Wales, a FIBRESPEED service partner, it was soon able to connect without disruption.

The result is a high speed fibre internet connection with 10 megabit upload and download speeds, double the bandwidth Anchor previously had with a dedicated leased line. Better still, the cost has been significantly reduced.


With the extra bandwidth, and the ability to upgrade in future without the need for significant capital investment, Anchor Computer Systems now has all the capacity it needs, and more, to service existing and new customers with its hosting solution. The hosting services bring an ever-increasing regular revenue stream to Anchor, while the customer does not need to worry about hardware requirements, data back-up and system updates. Thanks to FIBRESPEED, Anchor hosts the applications on its own hardware and carries out frequent back-ups on its customers’ behalf. FIBRESPEED’s failsafe network means both Anchor Computer Systems and its customers have peace of mind that the connection is reliable and secure.

“We needed connectivity that was fast and reliable, and FIBRESPEED was an attractive option. It gave us double the speed and bandwidth for less than we were paying for a le