Mobile network experts get connected through FibreSpeed

A mobile phone network specialist that had struggled with poor internet service has been handed a wireless solution by a FIBRESPEED service partner.

Mobile systems experts Comvergent had suffered poor web speeds due to its semi-rural location in the village of Bretton, near Chester.

But a 10 Mbit/s wireless connection set up by FIBRESPEED service partner Carrier Wales has got the Comvergent team talking, helping them continue their work in rolling out the new 4G mobile phone network across the UK.

Comvergent’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Garston said the wireless connection to the FIBRESPEED network provides a service “crucial to our business”.

Paul said: “Our office is located in a converted barn in a semi-rural location, and the distance to the nearest phone exchange meant that our internet connection was inadequate for the needs of our business.

“The connection provided by Carrier Wales has really helped us. We were struggling to get 2 Mbit/s before, but it’s significantly faster now.

“In what we do, we have a lot of staff who work on-site across the country, and so providing them with the data packages they need is really crucial to our business, and something we need a quality internet connection for.”

Comvergent is one of more than 185 businesses in North Wales to benefit from FIBRESPEED. Four months on from its installation, the wireless link has solved Comvergent’s internet connection problems, and Paul said that the cost-effective service would also help the company get conversation flowing through Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, allowing business calls to be made over the internet.

“We had a look at what services were available, but installing a fibre straight to our office was cost prohibitive,” Paul said.

FIBRESPEED offered a cost-effective solution to our problems.

“We were also looking at upgrading our existing in-house phones to an IP system, which means we could start using VoIP services. It’s a service Carrier Wales has helped us to install, and is a tool that’s becoming really important to businesses.”

Carrier Wales’ Senior Account Manager Nikki Owen said the service partner was proud to help Comvergent develop its business tools.

“It has been a pleasure working with Comvergent to enable them to have high speed internet access,” Nikki said.

“This will enable them to expand their business even further and we look forward in being a strategic partner for the future.
“Our service has also enabled them to utilise cloud based services provided by ourselves.