Data takes a comfortable journey thanks to a high speed connection

Prime Passenger Seating, who has recently located to Wrexham Industrial Estate, needed a reliable connection that was capable of managing all their business systems and keeps them linked to their global market.  The manufacturer hosts all of its applications on remote servers and wanted a connectivity solution that wouldn’t suffer with increasing data demands.

“All our servers are located in the Cloud, so we needed to ensure our internet connection was quick and could cope with our business needs.” said John Mainwaring, Managing Director.

Prime Passenger Seating turned to Xwavia, a FibreSpeed Service Partner, who implemented a wireless broadband solution, in advance of their move to Wrexham Industrial Estate, so that when they arrived they had instant access to their data and systems. Xwavia were able to determine the speeds PPS would require and developed a solution around their specific needs.

“We determine how much bandwidth each customer will need.  The great thing about our wireless broadband is that you can easily increase this as your business grows and we offer virtually unlimited data” said Pip Hallewell, Business Account Manager at Xwavia.

A wireless broadband solution is a cost effective way to get a secure and consistent service. Xwavias’ solution is based on the FibreSpeed backhaul network and can therefore easily cope with changes in business demands and is able to provide fast connectivity this is critical for cloud based applications.

For example their new wireless connection allows them to reliably use VoIP to handle all their telephone calls, avoiding line rental and therefore saving costs. Xwavia delivers more than enough bandwidth to ensure call quality is not compromised.

We are really pleased with the reliability of service and speed we are getting.

“The service is very affordable, we spoke to a number of companies and Xwavia were extremely competitive.” added John.

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Using a range of technology, Xwavia can design and deploy network infrastructure to suit all needs.  With their extensive network coverage and their investment in the FibreSpeed network, Xwavia is able to deliver reliable, business class, next generation connectivity services to businesses right across north and mid-Wales.

FibreSpeed is a strategic asset of the Welsh nation, delivering business grade telecommunications services to businesses in north Wales via its network of service partners.