Far from resting on ourfibrespeed-network-investment laurels, FibreSpeed is pushing forwards into the future and one of our big objectives is a strategic investment in the infrastructure. Responding to the uptake of business across the network and anticipated requirements over the forthcoming period, we’re committing to a major programme of upgrades that will help Service Partners keep up with demand and continue to deliver service innovations into the north Wales market.


Increased Network Capacity:

We’ve seen substantial growth in service uptake that has not only surpassed expectations but often has surprised us by occurring in unexpected locations. From time to time, we’ve had to move really quickly to accommodate this growth and since data consumption is forecast to rise dramatically, we’re investing in a major capacity upgrade across the network. Whilst there has never been an issue with the core network (it was sized at the outset to cope with major traffic volumes), the growth at many of our smaller sites will be better supported by a new, high capacity platform that guarantees we’ll be able to cope with evolving demand patterns. So don’t worry, there’s enough bandwidth for everyone!


Increased Network Reach:

Running a state of the art fibre optic network presents all manner of challenges to an operator, but the best challenges are those that come from end users actually wanting to use the infrastructure. End users aren’t always located in convenient locations and although we’ve been able to use wireless services to connect businesses that are located some distance from the network, there has been a rising demand for direct fibre connections. So Service Partners are increasingly using third party infrastructure to connect their customers to FibreSpeed. This involves making the FibreSpeed sites accessible to those third party networks and whilst a number of sites have been upgraded in this way, we’ve decided to enable more. The benefit of this is quick and easy connections to businesses that can sometimes be located many miles from the core infrastructure, allowing them to take full advantage of the FibreSpeed network even though it runs nowhere near them.


Improved Power Systems:

Over time, the quantity and diversity of equipment being deployed on FibreSpeed sites by Service Partners has grown and grown. Our stable, clean power supply ensures that these sensitive electronic devices simply tick along, delivering drama-free service to end users. However, looking at the diversity of devices we’re now hosting, we can see a way to upgrade our power delivery systems that will provide more options to Service Partners whilst simultaneously reducing their costs – never a bad thing!


Improved Network Reliability:

Reliability is a key concern for all network operators and it’s often the simple things that make the difference. With equipment racks on our sites filling up with Service Partner equipment we’re introducing additional management systems that will improve installations and make it easier for Service Partners to extend their on-site footprint. This will especially help with in-service upgrades enabling them to be performed faster thereby reducing service down-time.