FibreSpeed Status Update

fibrespeed-status-updateSince launching in 2009, FibreSpeed has progressively grown to become a stable and sustainable business which, through the efforts of Service Partners, has achieved a remarkable penetration of the business and residential markets across north Wales.

Now approaching its sixth operational year, FibreSpeed is happy to announce that it has moved on from being a Welsh Government funded project to being a fully stand-alone, self-sustaining commercial business that is currently delivering in excess of £1m turnover per annum. This marks a watershed for FibreSpeed and we look forward to continuing with the outstanding progress seen to date.

Over this period FibreSpeed has witnessed its Service Partners’ businesses evolve and change as they have adapted to new and emergent technologies, coped with changing marketplaces and exploited new opportunities as they have arisen. The success experienced so far is a direct testament to the hard work and sheer innovation demonstrated by Service Partners who, in spite of the challenging economic circumstances that have prevailed over the entire period, are now successfully delivering business critical services across all of the FibreSpeed enabled business parks and through the use of wireless technology, to businesses and residences far and wide across north and mid-Wales.

Moving forwards, FibreSpeed is investing further in the network to ensure that it remains at the heart of the digital landscape of north Wales. Improvements to the core sites and a substantial capacity upgrade will ensure that FibreSpeed is able to meet the increasing demands of its customers as we move into the next operational year and beyond.