Get an ultrafast connection with FibreSpeed


The Welsh Government has recently announced an extra boost for businesses and residents in north Wales to boost their internet connectivity to gigabit capacity. Recognising poor broadband in some rural areas, the value of broadband vouchers has doubled for rural communities in Wales.

Vouchers are now worth up to £7000 for rural SMEs and £3000 for rural residents. The vouchers will subsidise the upfront costs of building next-generation gigabit broadband infrastructure, such as fibre-optic cables to rural areas of north Wales. All are being encouraged to apply for subsidiaries to power up their broadband so please contact your local Service Partner.

Your local carrier in many cases already benefits from the numerous advantages of a connection to the FibreSpeed network:

  • High availability fibre optic network, backed with SLAS
  • Uncontended symmetrical services (download and upload speeds are equal)
  • Future proof – bandwidth can increase as your requirements grows
  • FibreSpeed operates on a wholesale only basis offering you a choice of Service Partners
  • Get fibre to the premise or a wireless connection, depending on your requirements.

Mike Crouch, FibreSpeed Director said “This is a fantastic opportunity for rural SME to upgrade to have a full fibre connection.  This subsidiary will help to cover the set-up costs of this infrastructure.  There is also funding available for residents, who can submit community applications to bring gigabit infrastructure to their community.

Fibre connections are uncontended and symmetric meaning businesses can plan with future proofing their internet connection to take advantage of new technologies. “

Superfast broadband is described as 30 megabits per second (mbps), whereas Gigabit-capable broadband enables download speeds of 1,000 mbps.

More information about the scheme is available on the Government website