Gwynedd Forklift connect to the Fibrespeed network

Gwynedd Forklift Move the Heavy Data Load

A company used to lifting heavy loads is now able to shift huge amounts of data in the blink of an eye after connecting to a high speed telecommunications network in north Wales.

Conwy based Gwynedd Forklift who hire, sell and service forklift trucks and other machinery, suffered from cripplingly slow Internet until they turned to Xwavia to solve their connectivity issues. “Xwavia came up with a solution for us. The connection was installed quickly alongside our existing service, so we didn’t have to face any disruption.“ said Mark Singleton, Director.

By taking out a symmetrical broadband connection (where upload speeds match download speeds), Gwynedd Forklift can quickly and easily update the website with new stock for sale or hire. What’s more, each item needs a manual which used to take 30 minutes to upload but these are now sent almost instantly.“A fast Internet connection has really transformed the way we work. Tasks which used to be arduous are now completed quickly and efficiently.”

“It has opened up new avenues. We no longer have any concerns that we’ll be held back by our Internet connection.”
It’s not only the sales function that’s working more efficiently. Other areas of the business are also benefiting. Emailing and scanning documents in now a “joy” because it’s so fast and the commercial team can confidently email account invoices and statements resulting in much better financial control. Customers are also experiencing the benefit due to an up-to-date, informative and efficient company website.

“We are delighted to be enabling local businesses to get the most from a faster internet connections. It goes without saying that the demand on the internet is increasing. It is critical for organisations who want to retain competitive advantage to be able to utilise online services. The partners that we work with such as FibreSpeed support us in providing SME and enterprise class services. Businesses in Conwy have suffered from poor broadband speeds for long enough and no longer need to.” Dafydd Thomas, CEO, Xwavia.

Xwavia, as a solutions provider, has introduced new services such as VoIP to Gwynedd Forklift. By handling their calls over a fast, reliable internet connection, the company can expect to make cost savings, releasing cash to invest elsewhere in the business.

Gwynedd Forklift also received a grant to help towards installation costs. To find out more contact Xwavia on 0800 074 0075 or visit

Using a range of technology, Xwavia can design and deploy network infrastructure to suit all needs. With their extensive network coverage and their investment in the FibreSpeed network, Xwavia is able to deliver reliable, business class, next generation connectivity services to businesses right across north and mid-Wales.