We have never been more reliant on technology than we are now, for work, education, shopping and keeping in touch with loved ones. From zooms to buying groceries, being online is as critical as gas and electricity.

The digital industry In Wales is celebrating all things technology with Wales Tech Week from 13th – 17th July 2020. Hosted by Technology Connected, this virtual festival will highlight the variety and diversity of digital opportunities in this vibrant region. It is a first for the region, to showcase skills, talent and innovation here in North Wales.

It has never been more important to be connected; to exploit digital technologies to create advantage. The week-long festival will host a range of activities to promote the technology sector, share knowledge, and give a hands-on experience. Learn how businesses and consumers can develop using existing technology and infrastructure. Online events will include digital marketing workshops, attracting investment, cyber security and fintech.
Tech week will cover a range of exciting topics to showcase the breadth of knowledge and skill within the region:
• VR, AR and AI and the Cloud.
• Collaboration, Communication and Data.
• Emerging technology, Cloud and Cyber.

The North Wales Growth Deal strategically positions the North Wales region as smart, resilient and connected. The Wales Tech Week highlights all that is good in this digitally connected region. Find out more about Wales Tech Week.