Northop Hall

Northop Hall Country House Hotel is an independent hotel and restaurant, situated in a prime Flintshire location by the A55 Expressway, just a few miles from the border with England.

The Challenge

Thanks to its location, a high proportion of Northop Hall Country House Hotel’s guests are business users. In 2010 the hotel lost a business contract worth £70,000 because of its poor, sub 1-Mbps Internet service. Other guests have similarly struggled with laptops and mobile devices. Like any hotel, Northop Hall can ill afford to lose such lucrative business. Could the FIBRESPEED network provide the answer?

The Solution

FIBRESPEED Service Partner and wireless connectivity specialist AB Internet created a wireless link from the network’s Point of Presence, or PoP, at St David’s Business Park near Ewloe. The hotel now enjoys a dedicated 5Mbps service via a single wireless link. This capacity can be doubled at short notice and without costly hardware upgrades – ideal for servicing larger, ad-hoc conferences and events.

The Benefits

Conference delegates and Northop Hall guests can use the free WiFi service to access emails, make video teleconferencing or Internet voice (VoIP) calls, stream video, and use social networking sites. With many guests staying through work contracts, sometimes up to several months, the ability to communicate to family and friends via Internet services is vital. It’s a key selling point for the hotel to win, and retain, valuable accommodation contracts.

“In a short time Wi-Fi has gone from being a luxury to a service customers expect. Thanks to AB Internet and the FIBRESPEED network we can finally meet and exceed their expectations.”

Tony Holland, Director, Northop Hall Country House Hotel