FibreSpeed is only available through registered service partners – independent companies that take the basic building blocks provided by FibreSpeed and combine them to form networks that are tailored to their own specific requirements. From simple point to point systems through to highly resilient, meshed or ring based architectures, the service partner has full control over how assets are combined to deliver service across the region.

What Does FibreSpeed Do?

  • Provides permanently open Ethernet pipes, co-location and mast space to service partners
  • Extends infrastructure into premises for Service Partners
  • Manages, operates and maintains the basic infrastructure

What Does The Service Partner Do?

  • Combines their own hardware with FibreSpeed assets to form a fully bespoke, service delivery platform
  • Provides a suite of applications and services over their service delivery platform
  • Enables services such as IP Transit so end users can connect to the Internet
  • Provides a managed service to the end user
  • Holds the contract with the end user
  • Responsible for customer support
  • Monitors, manages and maintains their own network and hardware
  • Liaises with FibreSpeed should any issues arise on the FibreSpeed infrastructure

Additional Service Partner Benefits

You won’t just benefit from improved connectivity.  Think about the additional services you can have with Fibre-To-The-Premises.

Each of our service partners are different.  Speak to them to find out what services they offer, services such as:

  • Network security
  • Dedicated rack-space
  • Resilient connectivity
  • Licensed and unlicensed Wireless solutions
  • Voice services
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Managed offsite back-up
  • Multiple services from other third party providers.

More about our ISPs

Hear what one of our service partners Carrier Wales, has to say about being FibreSpeed Service Partner.