‘Silicon Valleys’ project aims to attract data centres

FibreSpeed has brought North Wales into the C21st ‘Data Age’ with a dark fibre network as stunning in performance as the coast along which it runs. The beautiful mountains and coast of North Wales look set to be enjoyed by some of the country’s most innovative and tech-savvy businesses as more and more locations are linked to FibreSpeed’s high-performance dark-fibre network.


The company today published an ‘infographic’ illustrating some of the reasons that make North Wales the ideal location for new datacentres. These include;

  • FibreSpeed’s dark fibre network and it’s connectivity to the IT hubs of Manchester and Dublin
  • Low energy costs and high energy security from local sources
  • Physical security from opportunist threats and casual intrusions
  • Skill workforce available through organisations such as Bangor university
  • Low land costs and government support creating an attractive development environment

Hosting UK, which is part of cloud company iomart, is based in St Asaph and already delivers high-speed connectivity and data transit to its customers via the FibreSpeed network.


Phil Parry, Sales & Service Director at Hosting UK, said; “Spectacular surroundings and amazing infrastructure mark out North Wales as a great environment to do business. The low land costs, and the excellent energy production and generation assets of the area, coupled with relative seclusion make North Wales a perfect place for datacentres, particularly when you can use FibreSpeed’s high performance and reliable dark fibre network.”

The Digital Wales infrastructure, of which FibreSpeed is a key component, aims to create a great environment for innovative, research and technology organisations. The FibreSpeed network links key industrial locations across North Wales, from Holyhead to the Manchester gateway, making it a refreshing and creative environment for data-centric businesses. Space, power supplies, a skilled workforce and great logistics complete the picture for companies looking for a fantastic new location away (but not too far away) from the hustle and hassle of big cities. Perfect in fact, for data centres.


Claire Bayley, project director at FibreSpeed, concluded; “North Wales is rapidly becoming a realistic ‘alternative’ business location for High-Tec businesses. It’s a great place to live and a relaxing and inspiring place to work. The Welsh Government has done a fantastic job of bringing together the infrastructure needed by data-centric and information intensive businesses. With our connections to Dublin and Manchester, FibreSpeed provides the key element of world-class data communications, meaning that ‘be anywhere’ businesses such as datacentres really can become ‘be here’ businesses in North Wales.”