You would think that being one of North Wales’ premier tourist attractions would make the Anglesey Sea Zoo a ‘big fish’ for internet service providers, but not so.

For years the Anglesey Sea Zoo suffered from slow and unreliable broadband connectivity that adversely affected not only its day-to-day tourist activities, but also its important marine conservation and research work.

That was until it signed up to benefit from the FIBRESPEED network via AB Internet, whose market-leading wireless broadband services have radically changed the way the Anglesey Sea Zoo works.

Previously, being at the end of the line mean that the zoo’s broadband service could not be relied upon to deliver the speed or reliability that the business needed; it couldn’t even be depended on to provide a stable enough service for PDQ machines used in reception.

Connection to the FIBRESPEED network using AB Internet’s wireless technology has meant that long, murmuring queues at the tills are a thing of the past, as the speed at which card transactions are processed has fallen from around two minutes on the old broadband system to around six seconds using broadband PDQ terminals.

Behind the scenes, having a truly static IP address has meant that improvements to overall on-site security have been made, using remotely monitored cameras.

Research programmes can also be far more easily remotely monitored, making substantial savings for the business by reducing the need to have biologists permanently on call.

Thanks to AB Internet’s unique wireless connection to the FIBRESPEED network, the Anglesey Sea Zoo now has a fast, reliable 10Mb broadband service that it can both depend on, and build on.

Anglesey Sea Zoo owner Dylan Evans, said:  “At first, the wireless service was a bit of an unknown quantity.  We were so used to working with traditional copper lines that it was a bit of a leap of faith, but our new wireless service from AB Internet is simply fantastic. It has turned a constant source of frustration into something that simply delivers what it promises.”

AB Internet sales and marketing director, Neil Tucker, said: “Anglesey Sea Zoo is such a great tourist destination and it’s doing some really important and completely independent marine conservation work. We’re really chuffed to be helping all that work in our own very small way.”

FIBRESPEED sales manager David Ferguson added:   “This is another example of how FIBRESPEED’s state-of-the-art technology, made available via a wireless connection, can make an immediate and lasting improvement to a business such as the Anglesey Sea Zoo.”