Navigate IT

Flintshire-based Navigate IT Ltd provides unique IT support and consultancy services to suit all sizes and types of business throughout Cheshire, the North West and North Wales


Having outgrown its existing premises in Deeside, Navigate IT needed to relocate. One of Navigate’s key services – remote monitoring of its clients’ IT infrastructures – is delivered using the “Cloud”, and so a critical consideration for new premises was the presence of a fast and reliable Internet connection. Where would it find such connectivity? And could the bandwidth be easily increased as Navigate’s customer base rapidly grows?


Navigate identified Bretton Hall Properties, a small, rural business park in Broughton.

Landlord Peter Chadwick understands the importance of excellent Internet connectivity and had recently invested in a FIBRESPEED network connection through Service Partner Carrier Wales. Tenants can now take advantage of 30Mbps of uncontended bandwith in addition to IP telephony, managed firewall, secure remote access, and content filtering services that deliver efficiency, productivity and security. This connectivity is perfect for Navigate, particularly its ability to support Navigate’s Cloud-based “Service Desk” remote IT infrastructure monitoring facility. And when it’s required, additional bandwidth can be added, quickly and easily, meaning that Navigate’s needs will be met well into the foreseeable future.


With FibreSpeed connectivity, Navigate can offer reliable, responsive and cost-effective IT support services to its customers using the Cloud. Up to 80 per cent of issues raised by its Service Desk monitoring system can be dealt with remotely, catching problems early and rectifying them before they become more serious and potentially more costly for the customer. Thanks to FIBRESPEED’s built-in resilience, reliability of Navigate’s real-time, 24-7 monitoring is assured.

“One of our key business offerings is the provision of remote IT support services for businesses throughout the UK. Integral to both our operational efficiency and the client’s experience is fast and reliable Internet bandwidth. Few IT providers successfully use the cloud to provide an effective ‘virtual IT department’ for companies. Thanks to FIBRESPEED and our landlord’s foresight we have the internet capacity essential in supporting our growth, productivity and competitiveness.” – Andrew Plews, Managing Director, Navigate

FIBRESPEED provides business users with access to affordable, fast Internet. To discover how FIBRESPEED could transform your business call 0844 225 2190


Cloud computing, sometimes referred to as virtualisation, takes locally hosted IT applications, whether those sit on a laptop, desktop or server, and hosts them remotely. There are many advantages to this. Which is why, as companies at the forefront of the IT industry, both Navigate and Carrier Wales deliver services to businesses using the Cloud.


Organisations providing Cloud computing solutions can host your data and IT applications on powerful servers in purpose-built, secure and fully managed facilities. Like Carrier Wales, as well as specific applications, some offer data back-up and disaster recovery services, firewall screening, content filtering and anti-virus security, meaning your Internet-user employees are both productive and protected.

Installing a similar infrastructure within your own business, with the various software licenses needed to cover multiple employees, is expensive and inflexible. Through the Cloud, you can tailor your IT provision to meet your changing needs.

In other words, enjoy the peace of mind a “virtual” IT department brings – without the high price tag of building and maintaining everything in-house.


FIBRESPEED makes operation over the Cloud possible. Applications running in the Cloud, can link to your workstations, PCs and laptops through simple web browsers. With the right connectivity, you can use these applications as though they’re installed on your own computer. This makes it really easy to share information and collaborate on projects no matter where you are. And all the time, you can enjoy peace of mind that your data is encrypted and secure from virus or malware attack. What’s more, thanks to the higher bandwidth, critical data can be backed-up while you work.

So no more annoying egg timer icons!