Host your Data Centre in Wales

Host your data centre in Wales

Blessed with miles of open space and an abundance of available energy, North Wales is a great choice for your data centre. Central to the IT hubs of Dublin and Manchester with access to the FibreSpeed fibre optic network, it’s a surprisingly cost-effective location too.

Frustrated with power outages, high costs and lack of sites in the big cities?  Take a look at Wales.

What North Wales means for your business:

  • FibreSpeed network – 100% reliability in 5 year operation
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth – dark fibre from Holyhead to Manchester
  • Competitive telecommunications infrastructure including FibreSpeed benchmarked services and pricing
  • Low cost property
  • Huge choice of commercial sites
  • Direct sub sea  connections to the Irish data centre market
  • Green energy – much of our abundant energy comes from renewable sources

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