MWL Systems


“Our previous bonded ADSL service didn’t give us what we needed and it was in danger of holding us back. Getting access to the FIBRESPEED network gives us the capacity and reliability to improve on what we offer now as well as opening up new opportunities for the future.”

Matthew Kingsley-Williams, Director, MWL Systems

The Challenge

One of the longest established IT companies in North Wales, MWL Systems was already aware of the growing importance of cloud computing and unified communications – the integration of remote working and smartphones with the office system. But due to limited options for connectivity at the Llay Site, its Internet service was not able to keep pace with the fast-evolving IT world. Would it have to move premises, or was there another solution?

The Solution

Wireless connectivity specialist and FIBRESPEED Service Partner AB Internet extended the reach of the core network via proprietary wireless equipment installed at a local hub, designed and built by AB Internet. This meant that MWL Systems, along with other businesses on Llay Industrial Estate, was able to receive a high capacity wireless service. MWL Systems took an uncontended (i.e. dedicated) 10Mbps symmetrical connection, giving MWL an upload speed the same as its download speed. When it’s needed, additional bandwidth can be added, quickly and easily, without the need for costly hardware upgrades.

The Benefits

Thanks to AB Internet’s access to FIBRESPEED’s high-capacity bandwidth and built-in resilience, MWL Systems’ IT support is even more reliable and responsive. As the company continues to grow, the increased bandwidth will allow more engineers to be able to effectively respond to customer’s support requests. Better still, some of the company’s hosted services can be brought ‘in-house’, so MWL is no longer so reliant on costly and less convenient external data-centres. Data back-up and disaster recovery services operate in real time. Greater bandwidth also gives MWL new opportunities to develop cloud computing services and unified communications solutions as more and more businesses seek the power, flexibility and reliability of hosted services.