The high speed fibre optic highway

Imagine a road leading to a destination with specified locations en route, but a locked gate at the entrance. This road has been built to the highest quality standards, with enough space to allow users to travel at speed, getting to their destination faster. There are never any hold ups. However, for you to benefit from a speedy and smooth journey, you need someone to unlock the gates. Imagine that you are then the only driver on this road and you have the freedom to change direction.

Now imagine that road is the fibre optic FibreSpeed network in North Wales. To travel on the high speed network you need someone to open this high capacity road for you to travel on. You need someone to keep the road open and ensure there are no pot holes or road works to slow you down or even stop you.

Imagine the exclusivity of having your own lane, the width can be altered, you can travel the same speed in both directions, and there are only people you know on this road. Sounds great? Let’s now not just dream, but look at the reality of the FibreSpeed network.

You could think of the FibreSpeed network as this road. It is the high speed fibre optic network from Holyhead to Wrexham in North Wales, linking with the rest of the network in Manchester. So what does FibreSpeed actually do? We manage this road to ensure it is fit to travel on. As we operate on a wholesale open access basis, we provide bandwidth (lanes) to service partners, who in turn will provide you with a service.   For example one service provider might offer dedicated lanes (fibre to the premise or wireless). However another might offer shared lanes (wireless broadband).

As a business you can’t benefit without a service provider.

So what will they do?

They will provide a switch (key) to open the gate, to allow you access to the high speed network. They will monitor your business traffic 24/7 to ensure it doesn’t slow down. They will also manage the various switches on the network to ensure your traffic gets to where it wants to go to. So whether it is Web Surfers Central or Document Downtown, your Service Partner will get your traffic there.

If your traffic increases, your service partner can widen your lane. Think of the lane as exclusively for your business and you can travel at the same speeds in both directions. A fibre connection offers uncontended, symmetrical data transfer. Do you want a specific lane for your mission critical data, set apart from your usual business data? Your SP can do this. They can allocate bandwidth, so you can set aside 10M for VOIP Calls, 30M for your server.

However you might be happy travelling in a shared coach. Your data journey is shared with others, however you can still enjoy a fast trip with a wireless connection.

Want to get on the superfast highway? Contact FibreSpeed and our service partners today.